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Ratchaburi province has an auspicious meaning "king city". The ancient town of Ratchaburi. One of the study and excavation of Historians, archaeologists found the Nile region. This is the Mae Klong River. Migration habitat for many generations to come. The glory from the past. Evidence of ancient artifacts and more. Believe that people have settled. In this area since the Stone Age. And discovered the ancient city of Ku Bua Dome District. Muang district, Ratchaburi. Strategy of King Rama I the Great. The first monarch of the Chakri dynasty. I have always held the position of procurement in the city of Ayutthaya, Ratchaburi. Late in the late period. Ayutthaya and early Rattanakosin period. It turns out that the historical evidence. Ratchaburi is. This important aspect. Many of the battle and the battlefield. Especially in the reign of King Rama Rama has been fighting the Burmese army to set in Ratchaburi several times. Ninth is the most significant was the 2360 in the reign of King Rama II had ordered. To build new walls. Left bank of the Mae Klong River in time to the present. But the reign of King Rama V in The 2437 rule change made by the districts and provinces. Close together. Set up a territory. And includes the town of Ratchaburi. City of London City. Samut Phetchaburi. City Beach. 6 locations in the city and the province of Ratchaburi. The commander of the district in Ratchaburi. The right bank of the Mae Klong River. (Now the Old Town Hall, Ratchaburi) In 2440 the headquarters moved to the left of the town of Ratchaburi. The total return is the only Hall County Tree's plate. The right bank of the Mae Klong River in 2476 BC. When it was clear to all county government. Ratchaburi province was abolished as a province and a dip in the present series.