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  • Chalerm Prakiat Thai Prajan Park
  • Thai Song Dum Cultural Center at Ban Hua Khao Jeen

Chalerm Prakiat Thai Prajan Park is in Tambol Yang Hak, Amphur Pak Tor, Ratchaburi with the vast area of more than 136,250 rais covering Amphur Pak Tor, Amphur Suan Phueng  and Amphur Ban Kha altogether. This national park is naturally beautiful with many tourist sites such as Thai Prajan Falls, hot springs and big reservoirs.
The weather in the this park is mostly cool all year round with big rainforest trees covering western part of Thailand connecting with Gaeng Grachan National Park, Pachee River Wildlife Preserved Area and Myanmar border, Many wild animals still roaming across the big forest such as Krathing bulls, bears, deer, monkey etc. and many rare birds to enjoy watching sush as Krahang, brown drongo etc.

This cultural center is at Tambol Huay Yang Thon, Amphur Pak Thor, Ratchaburi whereas the place to shoe local traditional cultures of Thai Song Dum people. Visitors will see them dressing in original black, all men and women alike. There are cloth weaving preservation as ancient Thai Song Dum ways of life for their new generations to keep continuation. Thai song Dum people migrated from Vietnam more than 300 years ago and came to settle in many parts of Thailand and one of them is in Ban Hua Khao Jeen where they still kept the original cultures and traditional ways of life as farmers, gardeners as basic profession. Also their lively traditional dances during the festivals are passing to their new generations continuously. The visitors can observe Thai Song Dum housings which are highly built above the ground allowing empty space beneath atheir houses to do all common activities such as cloth weaving for housewives. Every triangle roof must be decorated with a wooden buffalo horn-like at the top.