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  • Pong Krathing Hot Spring

Hot Springs Bison Pong Situated in the Royal National Park, Thailand mediastinum . At home hot water output Moo 4 Tambon Bung district , Ratchaburi Provincial home . The journey of Ratchaburi along the road junction turn right and follow Highway No. 3206 to Ban Pak hot water output . Distance of about 80 kilometers from Ratchaburi. The Chom Bung district Provincial Highway No. 3087 to house the hot water output . Distance of about 85 kilometers to travel from Ratchaburi. Come home, backwoods wild rattan. ใฃg Provincial Highway No. 3208 to the hot water output distance of about 83 kilometers.
         A tourist attraction for people who want a healthy mineral for health. A pond is a pond with a small diameter of 5 m hot 65 degrees Celsius inside the tent. Pleasure This spring I had a lot of people standing around the pit and helped applause. Or knocking noise Water begins to boil until it inhabits and bubbles pop up above the surface , and the close proximity to a number of small ponds , 3 wells for hot showers . People who come to the hot water here. Make healthier People with various diseases , it would relieve it . To make the hot springs here are popular with leisure travelers .