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  • Nang Yai Wat Kanon Temple

Wat Khanon Temple is in Tambol soifa, Amphur Photharam on Mae Klong Riverside. Inside the compound of this trmple, it is Nang Yai Thai home museum which kept 313 Nang Yai characters made of leathers which were used as high respectful shadow dancing arts. The history of making these beautiful Nang Yai handicraft, most of them are Ramayana characters still in good condition was the genius creation of the late abbot Phrakru Satthasunthorn (Luangpu Klom) during King Rama V period. The abbot who was a skilled craftsman wanted to keep these artful leather characters as Thai heritage. He built the museum with the help from Khon teacher Ung and his skilled craftsmen friends from Ratchaburi to add more characters and finally made the only museum as his temple heritage. Currently the museum is under Her Royal Princess Dheparat Rajasuda’s Royal Patronage. The museum is open every day from 08.00-17.00 hrs. Only shadow dancing shows in Ramayana series will be performed on Saturday from 10.00-11.00 hrs. students of Wat Khanon school. (For the special week day shows, please make advanced reservation)