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  • Khao Krajome
  • Bor Klueng Hot Spring

A mountain in Amphur Suanphueng named Khao Krajome where situated a border patrol police base bordering with Mynmar. For visitors who enjoy cool weather on the mountain top should wake up early to see the sea of fog like the northern mountain with big rainforest all around. Rare wild orchids are plentiful. The most important vehicle to go there must be 4-wheel drive only. Khao Krajome or Khao Chong Krajome was first called Khao Lanta by Karen prople living there and later changed by Thai people who went to mining and saw it like Red Indian tent, so it’s Khao Krajome. Visitors should wake up at 5-6 o’clock in the morning to see the rising sun and foggy sea surround the hill. Another big water fall nearby named Pha Dang fall is also recommended.

Bor Klueng Hot Spring is in Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi. The natural hot spring with a temperature of 57 celcius all year round originated from Tanawasi Mountain range. The hot spring water was approved as safe for drinking.

It is a small stream running from underground spring along rocky stream about 300 meters distance all year round.

Visitors can take free bath in the stream or pay a cheap admission fee to enjoy warm spring water in a ceramic-tiled swimming pool.