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  • Jompol Cave
  • Suan Kaew Dharma Practice Center

Jompol cave is in Tambol Jom Bueng, Amphur Jom Bueng, Ratchaburi near Ratchabhat Muban Jom Bueng University. Originally named “Mujarin cave” and Jom Pol name was later given by King Rama V and The Queen when they visited in 1895. Upon reaching the cave entrance you will see a flock of monkey waiting to greet visitors. Inside the cave there are many beautiful stalactite rocks looked like a general (Jom Pol) decoration or hair piece or ice igloo with a big open tunnel to the top as its highlight, making cool ventilation for visitors. A reclining Buddha statue was built inside for worshippers. Admissions fee: Children 5 Baht, Adult 10 Baht. Open hours from 09.30 – 16.30.

Upon reaching this place, you will see 4 Holy Places duplicated from India as Buddha’s sacred places as Lumpiniwan Sathan for Buddha’s birthplace, Buddhakaya Sathan as Buddha’s self learning place, Saranat Sathan as Buddha’s first teaching place and Kusinara Sathan as His death place. All Buddhists will get more merit upon their visit. Suan Kaew Dharma Practice Center is the center for Dharma practice and a must tourist site for visitors to Jombueng. Inside the center there is a Sunday Education class for Buddhist run by a nun named Maechee Waan Chai Chukorn who teaches Buddhist lessons in Dharmakaya ways of Phra Mongkol Depmuni (Luangpor Sod Janatasaro) the late abbot of Wat Paknam Pasi Charoen temple. Beside the education place for students, scholars, general people and 4 Holy sites duplicated from India, there is a big Buddha statute in the temple, a holy scripture hall, a golden Buddha’s foot print, 28 wall paintings of Buddha and a jade statue of Luangpor Sod.