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  • Wat Muang Folk Arts Museum

Wat Muang Folk Arts Museum in Wat Muang temple compound, Amphur Ban Pong, Ratchaburi on Mae Khlong riverside. This old temple was built during Ayutthaya period by Mon people living around this part of Thailand mixed up with other ethnics such as Thai, Chinese, Laos, Yuan, Khmer and Karen in the past centuries which saw the exchange of cultural Traditions maxing together becoming unique culture among local people. This region was the school of Mon study for those who interest to know, and so the Folk Arts museum was built to show how the historic living-way of lives and local traditional cultures of Mon people with separating halls for cultural demonstrations.
Starting from Mon Legacy Hall, Historic Mon Hall, Mon Language, Mon cultural traditions, Immigration of Mon people and Mon in Thailand who lead their cultures. Ancient artifacts are show such as Old Prayer book made from Palm leaves 300 years old, Clothing and accessory things showing their local cultures and the importance of Mae Khlong river as the river of life linking Baan Muang prople with Ban Pong and Photharam people together. Open for visitor everyday from 09.00-16.00 hrs.